what would stop me from doing the right thing?

I grew up being told I was spoiled because I’d never feared for my life, never had to run to a bomb shelter, never had to decide between loyalty and death. Also, I had the nerve to have a middle name, like most spoiled north american kids, all fancy with our extra names.

Now I see a future where facing those experiences might be real – for me and for my children. Will I have the strength? the conviction, the principles, to do the right thing? I sure hope so. I want to inspire myself. I want to know that when there are people doing horrible things, that I will say NO, not on my watch.

I had food on my table, safe streets to play in, always a comfortable roof over my head. But people still did horrible things to me. Sometimes, I let them. I blamed myself and it didn’t occur to me that I deserved better. Then, I stood up to a bully. He tried to put me through hell, and I can’t say I showed grace every step of the way, but I found heaven. I found that most people are good, and generous, and kind, and loyal. I found that being open and caring and flawed leads to connections and love. I feel so lucky, and spoiled.

I don’t fear death, so that’s no threat – I don’t want to die anytime soon, but I’ve had a fantastic life and don’t regret a thing – so what fears would hold me back from doing the right thing? I need to know that now, and face those fears to that when the time comes, there is nothing stopping me.

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