my advice column

I am over 50 years old, and happy in life after living through horrors, so I figured I had a lot of wisdom to share. I wrote a lot, edited a lot, and realized it was all fluff. Here’s my entire advice column:

Shit happens, it’s hard, and you’ll be okay. Notice all the beautiful things that happen too. 

Find the magic in everyone and everything around you.

Going for a walk will always help, even just a few steps outdoors to look up at the sky. It doesn’t fix everything but it helps. 

I feel magic and inspiration from others’ stories, so I will share mine on other pages here, but if you’re looking for help right now? Go for a walk. Smile at the sparkles in the sidewalk or leaves on the trees, the wind knocking you over, or the shape of the chairs in the food court. Notice the smells and sounds and noises around you. Life can be hard, and you’ll be okay. 

I’m no expert on depression or anxiety – everyone’s experience is different. The most valuable lesson I learned was from Depression Lies. The thoughts filling your head and heart with despair are not true. You are loved, and there is help.